About Us

We are not just a language centre, neither are we a tuition centre. We have been present in the supplementary education sector for more than a decade. We are passionate in providing solid literacy foundation for children, and at the same time enhance their social and emotional quotients. Our ultimate goal is the development of both mind and character.


Our class size is small, and the English language is adopted as the sole medium of instruction.

Classes are interactive and children are encouraged to talk. We believe that the learning process will work best when children are engaged in purposeful use of language. A child can progress at his or her own learning pace. We see errors as part of learning and we encourage children to experiment with reading and writing to promote both their enjoyment and ownership.

We embrace the ideas of Vygotsky (1978) about the social nature of learning and assume that learning is best served by collaboration between the mentor and children and among children. Mentors play the roles of both counselors and facilitators who assist children in their learning.